Sals Miyan. ANutr

Hi, I’m Sals, founder of Miyan Nutrition. I’m a Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr) with the Association for Nutrition and I have a BSc in Nutritional Sciences.

I have always been fascinated with nutrition as I have struggled with weight and several chronic conditions from a young age. I am passionate about helping people to find healthy relationships with food; as I have done myself; and to learn more about the right nutrition to meet their individual body’s needs.

Especially where chronic disorders are concerned; it’s crucial to listen to your body and to figure out a diet and lifestyle which will support you to live your best life! I’ve gone on this journey myself; from someone with zero energy, who comfort ate when I felt low, struggled with my weight and didn’t do much exercise if I could help it; to now, understanding which foods give me the most energy, keeping active (but I’m no gym bunny), and feeling much healthier and happier in general!

I am a firm believer in personalised nutrition and I love to go on a journey of discovery with clients and explore how food has influenced them, and how they think and feel about food and nutrition; and how they can develop a new understanding and relationship with food for a healthy and fulfilled future.


Sals is currently working on her PhD which focusses on the links between vitamin deficiency and the onset and symptomology of chronic and fatigue related disorders.

Sals’ First Class Honours BSc in Nutritional Sciences included an investigation into the active compound content of plant food supplements available for purchase by the general public in the UK.